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Sponsor a Bible

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Historic Bibles in collection

When you sponsor one of the 50 Bibles in our care, the funds will be used to purchase an archival-quality box for the Bible to protect it from environmental factors, as well as cover the cost of any preservation or conservation needs, including binding repair, managing red rot, water damage and cleaning.

Bibles Available for Sponsorship

Please contact us at to sponsor a Bible.

Bible Name Sponsorship Amount
Shoberg Family Bible $30
Frank Lindstrom Bible $20
Olof Westrom Bible $20
Mary Lawrence Ferlen Bible $20
Ingrid Elenora Lindquist Bible $20
Johanna (Andersdotter) Hagstrom Bible $20
Carl and Anna Waller Sr. Bible $30
Frans Gustaf Sanborn Bible $30
Peter and Betsy Leksell Bible $30
Anna (Pehrsdotter) Nordblom Bible $30
Hulda Maria Johansson Bible $50
Amy Lundell Bible $30
Johanna Sofia Nelson Bible $30