Where is Swede Bend? Swede Bend was never a hamlet or town. It was the name given to the area where a large number of Scandinavidans settled that covered the area of Hardin Township in Webster County, Iowa. The name came from the bend of the Des Moines River running between Hardin and Dayton Townships.

As more Swedish settlers arrived in the area people began settling in communities around the Swede Bend area, commonly referred to as the Greater Swede Bend area. The research and documentation of the Greater Swede Bend area on this website covers present day Hardin Township (Webster County), Marion Township (Hamilton County), Dayton Township (Webster County), Dodge Township (Boone County), Pilot Mound Township (Boone County), Grant Township (Boone County), Yell Township (Webster County), Webster Township (Hamilton County), Lost Grove Township (Webster County) and Gowrie Township (Webster County).

The map below details the township boundaries and extant and non-extant (in gray) landmarks throughout the area.