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Donating Artifacts

Vintage wedding stress stored in archival box.

The Swedish Immigrant Museum accepts donations of artifacts and research materials related to the greater Swede Bend area. 

To ensure the legacy of Swede Bend history, items in our collection are cared for using current-day museum collection care standards. This includes creating a suitable environment for the preservation and display of collections, planning for ongoing care, and handling, storing and treating artifacts using proper archival practices and materials.

If you are interested in donating an artifact(s), please contact us at 

Types of artifacts and research materials you might considering donating include:

  • Historic photographs of people and places
  • Historic photo or illustrated postcards
  • Old telephone or town directories
  • Plat maps and other historic maps
  • Church anniversary bulletins and programs
  • Church directories
  • School annuals/yearbooks
  • Historic clothing, shoes and accessories, including military uniforms
  • Personal possessions related to Swedish settlers
  • Personal and family papers and histories
  • Family and personal Bibles or other religious books
  • Historic documents, certificates, land records, etc. 
  • Documents and objects related to Swede Bend region businesses
  • Historic newspapers
  • Obituaries, birth, death and marriage clippings
  • Historic trade tools - farming/livestock, blacksmithing, medicine, barber, etc.
  • Historic kitchen utensils and tools
  • Historic housekeeping items
  • and much more.

We are currently unable to accept large pieces of furniture.